Thursday, September 19, 2013

Welcome Fine People

Welcome to the Phoodie and the Fotographer blog. This is the new home of Chelsea and Hunter. I'm Chelsea, the Phoodie and the one that loves to write. Hunter is the Fotographer and a real lover of the great outdoors. We are both located in beautiful Eastern Tennessee just outside of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It's a little slice of heaven we get to enjoy daily.

Enjoying a delicious meal in Turks and Caicos at Coco Bistro

Our adventures seem to take us all over the southeast and we certainly enjoy good food, great brews, photography, and whole lot of adventure. Music gets its own sentence since it's usually the main reason we travel. We decided these adventures needed to be documented and have opted to share it with all you fine people.

Curious what you might find here in the future? How does this sound?

  • Delicious recipes and photos/videos to show you how to accomplish them (we love delicious food!)
  • Photography and videos (Photography is Hunter's specialty but I attempt it.)
  • Restaurant reviews, suggestions, and of course pictures (As lovers of food we love checking out local establishments whenever we head out of town AND local breweries)
  • Stories of our travels (Over the past year we traveled to Turks and Caicos, Atlanta, GA  and Asheville, NC multiple times, Ithaca, NY, Washington, DC, Putnam Hall, FL and traveled all over Connecticut)
  • Upcoming events across the US and abroad (The upcoming travels and events we will be at)
  • And whatever you request 

Looking forward to taking you along as we take on the world!

Safe Travels, Good Vibes, and Fully Bellies to All

 - The Phoodie and the Fotographer 

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